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Munich Graduate School for Ethics in Practice MKEP

Munich Graduate School for Ethics in Practice (MKEP)

The Munich Graduate School for Ethics in Practice (MKEP) aims at educating ethicists who are interested in participating in and shaping the public and professional ethical discourses outside the university context. The need for ethical analysis and evaluation is high, hence philosophers specialized in ethics can make a specific and important contribution with their expertise. Thanks to the financial support from the VolkswagenStiftung, the doctoral candidates, who are selected in a highly competitive procedure, take part in a coordinated and structured research and graduate program. This enables them to acquire a scientific qualification as well as the ethical-philosophical competences that are needed in ethic councils, companies and in politics. The students learn to provide ethical analysis related to practical issues and to identify corresponding courses of action. The MKEP is connected to the Center for Ethics and Philosophy in Practice, which provides multiple possibilities for networking and cooperation in the field of ethics.

Practical Ethics

The doctoral program of the MKEP takes four years, which includes, in addition to the dissertation project, a 6-12 months internship in a field that is relevant for the disseration. The internship offerst students an opportunity to do ethical "field work", to collect data and thus develop practical expertise. To support this process of education the MKEP includes methodological courses. The dissertation project and the practical module are closely connected and aim at encouraging a mutual dialogue between philosophical analysis and concept formation on the one hand and the concrete problems which occur in practice on the other hand. The program's final result is a research accomplishment in terms of a dissertation, which qualifies the graduate candidates not only for an academic career but also for non-academic occupational fields in the area of ethical consulting. 

Leadership: Prof. Dr. Monika Betzler
Coordination: PD Dr. Alexander Bagattini