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CEPP short-term fellowships

Come do philosophy with us at LMU Munich!

About the fellowships:

The Center for Ethics and Philosophy in Practice (CEPP) at LMU Munich is funding several short-term visiting fellowships in 2024/25 (ideally between October and March).The typical duration of the fellowships is 1-2 months, with a maximum of 3 months. The unique purpose of these fellowships is to allow philosophers working in the field of practical philosophy to come to Munich for a short time and work jointly with us on making longer research stays and extensive collaboration with CEPP possible.
While at LMU, we are supporting you in planning and writing a grant application to secure your own funding for a future research project, which should at least partly be conducted at LMU Munich.

What we offer: 

  • Travel to and from Munich and accommodation
  • A small travel allowance in exceptional cases (scientists in early career stages only)
  • Administrative and content-related support in writing your funding proposal
  • Opportunities to take part in CEPP and LMU events and interact with philosophers and other academics at LMU

What we are looking for:

Practical philosophers who already have or are in the process of acquiring a PhD and

  • are looking for their next project,
  • intent to work with us on a proposal for their own third-party funding, and
  • are willing to actively take part in CEPP events while at LMU Munich (including presentations of their own work in a colloquium or talk)

What we need from you:

  • Short CV
  • Short project description (2-3 pages)

What you may include in the project description:

We want to keep the application process as unbureaucratic as possible. The purpose of the project description is to give us an impression of your research interests. If we think it might fit, we can discuss the specifics in a Zoom call. Thus, if you already have a short outline of a project, just send it along! If you are unclear on what to include, here are few suggestions:

  • Description of research project (that’s the only thing we definitely need!)
  • Specifics on the funding agency you wish/consider to apply for
  • Information on people you’d be interested to work with while at LMU
  • Information on time frame
  • Funding that is already available and could be used to co-finance your research project

Deadline & Submission:

  • The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2024.
  • Please send your submission and any inquiries to Paulus Kaufmann or Felicitas Selter at